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Features and Benefits:


Providing excellence and practicality at a very competitive price, the Eco Pro range generates significant energy and carbon reductions in use saving you money on your operating costs whilst at the same time never compromising on your commitment to food safety


  • High Quality 304 Stainless Steel Exterior Build Quality

  • ECA Scheme Approved - as ECA products are guaranteed to be energy efficient, money can be claimed back on your investment (link to our ECA page)

  • Fully floating lock provides durable security and prevents lock breakage if the key is left in

  • Energy-saving Hydrocarbon refrigerant option at no extra cost

  • Concealed refrigeration system maximises capacity with a tidy and practical interior


EP700H - Refrigerator +1/+4°C  


EP700L - Freezer -18/-21°C  



Dimensions: 2080 x 700 x 820mm HxWxD

Capacity: 600 Litres

Shelves: 3 (GN 2/1)

Electrical Supply:   230/50/1

EP1440H - Refrigerator +1/+4°C

EP1440L - Freezer -18/-21°C  



Dimensions: 2080 x 1440 x 820mm HxWxD

Capacity:1350 Litres

Shelves: 6 (GN 2/1)

Electrical Supply:   230/50/1

EP1/2H - Refrigerator +1/+4°C  


EP1/2L - Freezer -18/-21°C  



Dimensions: 865 x 1415 x 700mm HxWxD

Capacity: 280 Litres

Shelves:  4 (GN 1/1)

Electrical Supply: 230/50/1

With the FFC6-2 Foster FlexDrawer Counter you can easily change individual drawer temperatures from fridge to freezer at the touch of a button (refrigerator +1/+4°C or freezer -18/-21°C)


It has a capacity for 6x GN1/1 150mm deep pan (pans not included) and with its superior 304 stainless steel finish throughout, fully removable robust ABS drawer bins for ease

of cleaning and lockable drawers it is perfect for use in the kitchen environment.


Dimensions: 900 x 1100 x 700mm HxWxD

Capacity: 150 Litres

Foster Refrigerated Cabinets and Counters from Ernest West & Beynon

Foster FlexDrawer Counter FFC6-2

Features and Benefits


  • Change drawer temperature from fridge to freezer at the touch of a button. Simple

  • Manufactured using superior 304 stainless steel, the ‘gold standard’ in performance finishes meaning quality is assured

  • Fully removable robust drawer bins for ease of cleaning

  • User friendly controls with LED temperature display

  • Energy efficient / environmentally friendly hydrocarbon (R290) refrigerant as standard

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